• 22 мая 2018, вторник
  • Москва, Myasnitskaya, 11

ECOCUP. Speedmeeting with experts

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784 дня назад
с 10:30 22 мая до 14:00 24 мая 2018
Myasnitskaya, 11

Speed-meeting is a new format of meetings with experts. Its main goal is to make communication more dynamic and informative. The working language is ENGLISH.

May 22 ’Sustainable Development’ Myasnitskaya 11, room 432

The following experts will participate in a speed-meeting event on May 22: Mikhail Yulkin, General Director of the Center for Environmental Investments, an expert on renewable energy sources investments; Ralph Fuks, author of “Green Growth, Smart Growth”; Stella Tsani, International Center for Environment and Economy Studies, Senior Researcher; Denis Stark, the founder of the movement ’Musora.Bol’she.Net’ (Garbage.No.More), an expert on local currencies.

May 24 ’Carbon Free Economy’ Myasnitskaya 11, room 431

The speed-meeting event scheduled for May 24 will be attended by 5 experts. The topic of speed-meeting is de-carbonization of Russian economy or ’what to do if you do not extract oil and coal’; Russia is a resource country. Oil and coal sales constitute the bulk of budget revenues, but that’s not all — such regions as Kuzbass (Kuznetsky bassein), live off coal, and it’s hard to imagine any changes. Experts will talk about their vision of the future without the sale of hydrocarbons, and participants will be able to ask questions and figure out for themselves if they are willing to continue supporting de-carbonization or if they are ready for something else.



10.30 — 11.00 Welcome coffee.

11.00 — 14:00

The first part is the presentation of the experts’ positions. Within 15 minutes each of the experts expresses his position regarding sustainable development. In addition to the main idea, they also voice their main objections to their opponents’ views or their doubts.

The second part is group debates. Experts join different tables, and the participants of the discussion have the opportunity to approach each speaker and discuss their position, and ask questions. There are 10-15 chairs next to each expert, which the participants can take. Discussion in small groups lasts for 18 minutes, and then the participants change places.

The third part is a wrapping up session, discussion of results and impressions. Experts and participants express their opinions and questions that surprised them. The main question is: can Russia follow the path of sustainable development and what is that path?

14.00 — 15.00 Lunch



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